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Sea Fishing Line & Braids

Sea Fishing Braid

Choosing the right line braid or mono to put on your reel is a crucial decision these days. Mono is much easier to tie knots with and easier to cut. A few tried-and-true knots are all you need to know to tie terminal tackle and leader to line knots with mono. Not so with braid, it’s hard to cut, and tying line to line knots becomes a lesson in angling knowledge and expertise. Special knots are required to hold the much thinner diameter braid to mono leaders but its main advantages is its thinner diameter, you can pack much more line on your reel. This enables anglers to use much heavier test line than they would normally use, which gives them a chance at landing some of those bigger specimens. The thinner diameter also gives the angler an advantage when casting. You can outcast mono by a considerable distance. This goes a long way when it comes to spooking wary fish or spooky fish. Overall, both lines have their uses. Many anglers might be loyal to one, but there is a growing legion who use both as both will work better on certain methods or situations...Whatever you choose you will be sure to find what you want at Tackleuk.

Line, Braid & Monos

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