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  • Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST
  • Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST
  • Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST
  • Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST
  • Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST

Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST

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Brand Code: 7HTMAGST

The intelligent Magnofuge system has proven itself in the hands of thousands of anglers ...literally. But now, it has been refined and improved even further. Working to new tolerances of enginee... read full description »

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  • The intelligent Magnofuge system has proven itself in the hands of thousands of anglers ...literally. But now, it has been refined and improved even further. Working to new tolerances of engineering pushing standards to the extreme, taking individual microns into account! The designers have even challenged the direction in which the spool is machined in order to improve its balance. Within the magnetic control selection we have dared to make the lower end more free; somewhere that only the bravest will go! Key parts of the Magnofuge system have also been changed too refining the magnetic effect on the spools deceleration. And smoothness of all the reels operation hits a new level thanks to 9BB (8CRBB). What we have achieved may only be a few split seconds of improved efficiency and smoothness but it results in a dramatic difference of the conversion of casting power into distance. Quite simply it has been Super Tuned!


  • Improved Magnofuge - intelligent magnetic braking
  • Ultra precision machined spool
  • 9 bearings including 8 CRBBs
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Rigid one-piece dura-aluminium frame
  • Carbon swept handle
  • Daiwa five-point support system and low-frame crossbars
  • High grade brass drive gear
  • Stainless steel pinion gear
  • Smooth and powerful star drag

Model 7HT MagST

  • Ratio 5.8;1
  • Weight 11.5oz
  • Ball Bearings 9 (8CRBB)
  • Line Capacity 300m-15lb


(2 Votes)
Total Sea Fishing - 19/01/2012 - 23:40
When the original 7HT came out it set the fields and beaches alight with its amazing casting and fishing abilities. Then Daiwa introduced the Turbo, which I instantly fell in love with because it cast even better. This was followed by the Mag version, which impressed me even more as it cast superbly and also had a faster retrieve. I thought the Turbo was about as good as it gets and impossible to improve on. But the best got even better, because in October 2010 Daiwa released the latest 7HT ST! My initial reaction when I first held the reel was how incredibly light it is just 11½oz! This can be attributed to the material that it\'s constructed from, which is Duralumin an extremely strong but light alloy of aluminium although it has a carbon-swept handle. The spool is also aluminium, which means that the line you put on it might actually be heavier than the spool. I could hardly wait to test this beauty. So loading it with 12lb line, of which I got 350-plus metres on, and with an 80lb shockleader, I was ready to blast away. Starting with the braking system full on, I performed a lazy pendulum and simply looked on in awe as line peeled off the spool with not the tiniest impression of line lift it simply gave line as the lead needed it and appeared to not be braking at all. The crux of the ST is that it has a clever braking system called Magnofuge, which actually exists on the previous 7HT Mag. However, Daiwa has tweaked it even more to minute tolerance levels never attempted before, and this has enhanced its performance a lot when compared with the older version. It works by reacting automatically during the cast by keeping the line delivery in control when the lead and bait accelerate away and then slows down. Adjusting the settings is easy via a knob on the left-hand side plate which, when the wind is behind you, can be set to zero for its fastest speeds. When you\'re casting into a headwind, the maximum setting of 10 is best. You simply set the number you need to suit the conditions but, whatever it\'s set to, you can be assured that it will deliver you maximum distance! I was astonished at the reels performance and, as my confidence in the settings grew. I was turning the adjuster to less and less. The lead was subsequently going further and further and in complete safety this reel is brilliant! The comfy handles and sensible retrieve ratio meant that reeling in was equally as pleasurable as casting. At one stage I reeled quite quickly and was able to bring the lead to the surface, which proves that the retrieve is pretty swift. What\'s more, the clutch adjusting is precise and in small increments if needed and it locks down extremely tight, which is very handy for helping you reel quickly to clear any snags or shelving rocks you may have to contend with. As luck would have it, the wind swung round just enough to come from behind me, which meant that I could really have a thrash! Well, what followed was more akin to the tournament field. I am convinced that I have never cast a lead so far out to sea with such control of a reel. I feel that a trip to a casting event is imminent. The ST truly did virtually everything all I had to do was release the spool for the cast and then stop it when the lead hit the water. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the ST would be a brilliant fishing reel, and a few sessions proved this to be true. One trip turned out to be a hard day, as a 25mph headwind made things hard work but not for the reel! I set it to maximum and was delighted with the distance I was achieving. Fish were feeding just beyond a sand bar at near 100 yards and I was able to reach it easily this resulted in me catching a couple of bass and several pouting, which were ultimately my goal. The reel reacted to the sudden lead speed change as it punched into the gale and adjusted accordingly, which allowed the trace to reach maximum range without the reel holding it back at all. I felt in complete control and the reel did everything that I wanted it to and then some! Although it\'s not cheap, it truly is a masterpiece every part of this reel is made to the highest specifications, and you can be sure that it will serve you well and give you years of pleasurable angling.

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