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  • MAP TKS 901 3G Pole 16.0m
  • MAP TKS 901 3G Pole 16.0m

MAP TKS 901 3G Pole 16.0m

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The original was ground-breaking, this has been made even better! Keeping the incredible strength and rigidity, this model is lighter, better balanced – which has improved overall performan... read full description »

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  • The original was ground-breaking, this has been made even better! Keeping the incredible strength and rigidity, this model is lighter, better balanced – which has improved overall performance.
  • Each top kit supplied features unique depth marker printing allowing anglers to very quickly find the depth they’re fishing at. Each kit is also supplied with an extra-long PTFE bush, as well as the unique side puller.


  • Anti-friction finish throughout for easy shipping
  • Depth markers on all kits
  • Sleek, understated artwork
  • Fitted side pullers
  • Extra-long pure PTFE bushes fitted on all kits
  • Section alignment system

Standard package includes

  • Pre-Bushed DM Match Kit Fitted
  • 5 x Pre-Bushed DM Match kits
  • 2 x F1 Grey Short-Shalla top kits
  • 3 x Pre Bushed DM Power Kits
  • 1 x Rigid Cupping Kit with Cups
  • 2 x Short N03 Sections
  • 1 x Reinforced Mini Extension
  • 1 x Pole Holdall
  • 12 month guarantee
(5 Votes)
Pole Fishing Magazine - 10/01/2014 - 10:27
Beyond The Benchmark! A bagging session is in store for Matt Godfrey, who visits Janson Fishery to test the flagship pole that everybody\'s talking about - the MAP TKS 901! One company that has really impressed me over the last 18 months is MAP. A few months ago I was gutted to hear that representatives had visited the office with prototype poles while I wasn\'t there! Everyone was quick to rub salt in the wound by raving about one pole in particular, stating it was better than the already outstanding TKS 801. A few months down the line, I finally managed to get my hands on this pole MAP\'s new flagship masterpiece, the TKS 901 and I wasted no time in taking it out for a spin! There is no doubt that this pole is designed for anglers who require the best possible performance from their kit. In my opinion, a flagship pole should deal with anything from winter canal fishing to commercial bagging in the height of summer. To test the key attributes of lightness, stiffness and strength, I needed to fish the 901 at long lengths but also ensure a busy day with some hard-fighting fish. The Match Lake at Nottinghamshire\'s Janson Fishery proved perfect, with a healthy stock of fighting-fit carp from 2lb upwards. With pole testing in mind I deliberately chose to fish the point of a reed-strewn island at 16 metres to my left, with the option of fishing really long down the margins later on. One of the first things that I expect with a flagship pole is a comprehensive spares package. To say the 901 has an excellent one is an understatement. The pole is fitted with a pre-bushed match kit, alongside another eight match kits, four pre-bushed power kits (same length as match kits), three short No4s, a cupping kit, mini extension, holdall and a 12-month guarantee. Better still, MAP lets you tailor this package to suit your needs as long as you buy it from a MAP TKS dealer. I find the standard package perfect for the mixed fishing that I do in the UK. The classy carbon finish with black graphics is simple but extremely stylish. The quality feel was intensified as I assembled the pole, with bi-lateral reinforced joints and solid wall strength along every section. The Smooth Ship finish made each glide a pleasure and as I reached full length the only word that entered my head was wow! After a few mimicked strikes without a rig attached, I quickly set up a match kit with white Twin Core Hollow elastic for fishing against the point of the island, and a power kit with heavier black Twin Core for margin work. Following a cold night I expected the fishing to be slow, so I started across by feeding just a dozen grains of corn. The stiffness enabled me to inch my bait up the shelf with ultimate precision, while any movement I made was recognisable some 16 metres away through the pole\'s incredible response! After a few minutes a small liner developed into a sharp dip and with the tiniest lift I hooked my first fish on the 901. After an initial jolt towards me, the fish veered around the point of the island and I had to hold the pole out as far as possible to stop it snagging me. With an irate carp on the end the pole still remained stiff, allowing the elastic to perform brilliantly. Soaking up the confident ambience, I was soon breaking down at my top kit, stripping several feet of elastic (a reinforced wrap lets you easily convert a top kit into a side puller) and it wasn\'t until the feisty specimen surfaced that I realised I\'d foul hooked a 6lb mirror under its pectoral fin. Still, it was in the net and provided an ambitious battle for my first fish on the 901! The Janson\'s carp were soon queuing up, and it wasn\'t long before I was filling my pot with pellets every time I shipped out. To avoid liners I had to push the rig tight against the far bank, lifting and dropping the float to trigger a bite. The pole performed a treat and as each fish powered off I could apply ample side strain, almost bottoming out the elastic to turn them away from the reeds. With over 20 match-sized carp in the net in no time, there was little more that the pole had to prove! I was curious to try my margin, though, and after upping the feed with a large pot of micros and corn, I decided to have a go. I also inserted the mini extension to gain an extra few feet and was able to present my bait right against an empty platform. Despite using a Power Kit with heavy hollow elastic, I noticed no hindrance in the pole\'s performance. The first fish I hooked lumbered under the tip for a few seconds in the typically dogged way that a margin lump often does. After several lunges to try and snag me beneath my keepnets, I was able to scoop up an 8lb pot-bellied mirror with ease. After a final hour battling with aggressive margin dwellers, nothing was left to doubt about this exceptional piece of kit. At £2,999, it certainly isn\'t cheap - but I can assure you that the performance and generosity offered in this deal are worth it. MAP has produced more than just an extraordinary pole with the 901; it\'s created a flagship masterpiece that ardent anglers will aspire to own!
Match Fishing Magazine - 10/01/2014 - 10:17
The Best Bar Absolutely None! Editor Alex Bones checks out MAP\'s latest flagship pole - the hotly anticipated 901! Here at Match Fishing we get new tackle to test on a weekly basis. Sure, we tip most of it as good, as a product to look out for, or better than its predecessor but we wouldn\'t say it if it wasn\'t true. When it comes to standout products, though, it can sometimes become difficult to express just how good they are. Well, be in no doubt that in my opinion this is THE best commercially available pole ever launched, bar absolutely none! I\'d be happy to fish with any manufacturer\'s flagship pole - they\'re all very, very good - but the 901 is special, it\'s such a carefully thought out product that suits my fishing perfectly. If I could have designed a pole from the floor up, this would be it! The company\'s existing flagship model, the already superb 801, even has to take a bow at the 901\'s credentials! MAP has been able to achieve such a feat of engineering brilliance thanks to the use of materials that only they have the use of at this time! This sees the pole weigh in at 108g less than the 801 - an incredible amount to shave off an already brilliant piece of kit! This weight saving also sees the 901 stand 20g lighter than the market\'s leading flagship pole! Not only is MAP\'s now the lightest flagship pole available it\'s so stiff that you simply won\'t believe it until you try it! This is a true performance-driven product that has been agonised over by MAP\'s brand manager, Mike Robinson, and his team for the last 18 months. What\'s more, it has been specifically designed for the UK market, meaning strength is absolutely key! To give you some idea, when I tried to lift a 10lb common carp clean out of the water at full length that was torpedoing across the lake while making every effort to break me, the pole held firm! When I say I test products - I mean it! I enjoy the thrill of subjecting kit to destruction-level-testing because it\'s my duty, and I can! It means I put product, in this case a £5,999.99 pole, through pressures it\'s unlikely to have to withstand in normal use. If I don\'t break it then it\'s unlikely you will! MAP\'s TKS top-kit system has been exceptionally well received with the 501, 601 and flagship 801 models being stand-out successes in their respective price categories. The TKS system continues with the 901 - you can choose what top-kit configuration suits your style of angling. And, get this, the 901 comes with 14 spare top kits and a superb spares package! There are a couple of top-kit options to choose from including standard two-piece Competition Match Kit-3s and Competition Power Kit-3s; all of which come cut back and ready-bushed for convenience. All of the top kits feature a reinforced area that can be drilled to accept a puller bush - it\'s very easy to do! When I first removed the pole from its custom holdall it was the ultra-cool graphics that caught my attention first. There\'s just something so understated yet powerfully appealing about gloss black lettering on satin black-finished sections! The entire pole has a super-shippable fishing, with the 16m, 14.5m and 13m sections featuring the minimalist graphics. This less is more approach does also help to save weight. Each section features Joint Alignment System (JAS) points and section numbers allowing the spine of the pole to be perfectly aligned for optimum rigidity. The sections are reassuringly strong if you squeeze them in your hand too, and are designed not to oval under compression. The Deal Clincher Because a lot of my angling is commercial-fishery-based I don\'t use excessively long top kits, but I was over the moon to hear that MAP has launched a short one-piece top kit with a reinforced area for a side puller! Ever since I owned a Preston Innovations GiS10 pole with Short Stops (Preston\'s version of a one-piece short top kit) I\'ve always wanted them for every other pole I\'ve owned, but Preston discontinued them and, until now, they weren\'t widely available. MAP\'s versions are 180 centimetres (70.86 inches) in length and pack away perfectly into the 14.5m and 16m joints. For most of my fishing they\'re absolutely perfect and give what I believe to be an optimum length of hollow elastic. As you\'d expect, they stiffen up an already poker-stiff pole beyond all comprehension and if you go one step further and add the short No4 you\'re left with a tool that I doubt will be bettered for quite some time. There is no recoil on the tip, even at full length, and your ability to strike at tiny dips on the float and hit previously unhittable bites because of delay is entirely transformed! I\'d go so far as to say that because of these elements this pole will make you a better angler. The Mini Competition (90cm/35.43in) extension supplied goes some way to making up for lost length if you\'re using the short kits or a short No4. Alex\'s Conclusion This is a go-anywhere, do-anything top-of-the-range pole that has its nose stuck out in front of any other I\'ve tested! The 901 is in an entirely different stratosphere to everything else out there! It\'s the stiffest pole I\'ve ever used, without any compromise in strength. Throughout rigorous on-the-bank testing I couldn\'t find a single thing not to like! Unquestionably this year\'s standout product for me.
Match Fishing Magazine - 09/09/2013 - 15:23
Recently, MAP\'s brand manager, Mike Robinson, took the pole into Match Fishing\'s, and sister title Pole Fishing\'s, headquarters in Daventry. The team took the pole out on the bank, and this is what they had to say about it: Jon Arthur \"A pole that\'s lighter than the 801 yet somehow stronger and stiffer didn\'t seem possible to me, but I was wrong! Add a huge top-kit package into the equation, plus those beautiful understated graphics and I think MAP has hit the spot with a truly desirable product!\" Alex Bones \"The entire MAP TKS range has impressed from the start and the new flagship 901 takes things to a whole new level. In short it\'s incredible!\" Joe Carass \"I can safely say that it is the stiffest pole I have ever held. There is so little wobble throughout the pole that it is scary. The spares package is stunning and the graphics appeal to all of the tackle tarts out there. A fantastic pole and one that I can\'t wait to get my hands on!\" Tom Scholey \"It takes a lot for me to get excited about an item of fishing tackle but I am very excited about the TKS 901. It is the best pole that I have ever held and by quite some way. Reassuringly, it also felt extremely strong it really does seem to have everything. Add to this the awesome spares package and all I can say is I wish I had & pound for every 901 that MAP sells over the coming year. A legend is born.\"

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