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  • The signature black finish was first released back in February 2010, generating a huge surge of excitement in the angling industry. Then a few months later, the white model was released due to extremely high demand from countries with tremendously hot and sunny weather as it would help to reflect the heat. This is the same size, design and quality as the original product, but does not feel warm to the touch in hot conditions. Advantages of using them as a baiting tool include:

Awesome distance

  • The aerodynamics of the teardrop shape almost certainly creates the ultimate product for flight through the air with minimum resistance. Furthest measured cast distance is 190 yards (173 metres).

Instant bait delivery

  • When they contact the water, the body is released fully open and so washes the bait out instantly.

Fast aquaplane retrieve

  • Able to float once they have been opened, they can glide effortlessly across the top of the water with no spinning or line twist even in the strongest of winds. Other Spods have too much resistance on retrieve.

No bait loss

  • Once they are loaded you can seal the container closed, therefore no bait will come out until it impacts with the water and opens. Spods with an open end or with holes lets the bait fall out.

Any bait

  • Anything that fits inside can be cast out including: - pellets, boilies, hemp, corn, mixer, bread, meat, maggot, worms and particles etc.

No need to mix

  • All baits can just be loaded inside without any need to mix. If you wish to mix balls of ground bait though, these can be cast accurately to a given distance even at a very long range.

Good wind accuracy

  • Wind has very little effect on its flight because of the aerodynamics. Even with a strong cross wind, its accuracy and distance is remarkable.

Technical Information:

  • Weight 7/8th of an ounce (approx. 25 grams), maximum weight fully loaded 3 ounces (approx. 85 grams)
  • Length – 160 cm, width 43mm across body and 56mm across hinge. Recommend - tie direct to line, any rod.
  • For all sizes it is recommended they are stored in banded position.
  • For extreme weather conditions, strong wind and rain into your face, you can turn the front button 180° for stronger latch.

The Small Model

  • Minimum disturbance, so great for topping up your baited area.
  • Due to the smaller diameter and length, this model complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter or are restricted by length.
(6 Votes)
Ashley Tomkins - 11/08/2016

Fantastic Product....Just thrown all my spods away!!

Jon Arthur - 06/06/2014
I don\'t get to spod out bait anywhere near as much as Id like to, but its helped me win money in the past and I\'ve spent a bit of time trying to perfect it! A few years ago I spent several evenings casting various spods across a lake to see which was best for my needs. Two really stood out for accuracy; the Korda Skyliner and the Spomb. They both cast brilliantly but a weakling like me really appreciated the way an empty Spomb skidded across the surface on the retrieve rather than ploughing through the water. When you\'re filling it in with a bowl of grub for bream at 70 reel turns, that makes all the difference! - 19/12/2011
The Spomb is like a spod in so much as you use it to get a vast amount of bait over a area very quickly, however that is where the similarity end. The Spomb is Missile shaped and comes in 2 options, a black version which is ideal for the UK market and a white version which is aimed at the overseas market. Why the 2 colours you ask? well its all to do with the sun, the black version will warp slightly in the heat and as we all know black attracts heat and does not dissipate it all that well, the white one however helps to dissipate the heat meaning it wont warp. The Spomb currently is priced at around £12.99. The genius part of this item is the fact that you can put anything you like in it, I have had mine for a year now and I have not found one thing I couldnt use in it from putting out 8 pints of maggots in 1 session for the catfish to putting out a couple of kilo of boilie chops it seems to handle it all very well. The main advantage of the Spomb over a spod is that you dont get your bait flying out the back of it on the cast like you do when spodding particles etc. The Spomb also empties on contact with water thanks to the pressure clip at the front, this means as soon as it hits the water your bait is sinking to the bottom, with the spod you have to wait for it to empty and also hope you have not packed it in to much. Using the Spomb is exactly the same as with a spod, cast it out empty, clip your line and then reel it in to put your bait in it. When you reel in the Spomb it will already be open to take your bait, simply load up one side of it, clip the front shut and away you go. The Spomb can be quite heavy once you have loaded it so you should use a spod rod and reel to make your life easier. When you cast the Spomb out it is very accurate thanks to the aerodynamic shape and the large fins on the rear of it, it copes very well with side winds etc. Once you have deployed your bait the Spomb sort of \"skips\" along the top of the water meaning there is very little disturbance. Now I have used the Spomb I wont be going back to using a spod, I find the capacity of the Spomb is the same or near enough to a spod, but the big advantages are the fact it empties every time without fail and you can put a wide range of bait in there. So far I have not found any cons with the Spomb, my only criticism would be maybe the price is quite high compared to the spod and this may put some people off, However I would say it is worth the price. - 19/12/2011
When the Spomb first came out its wasn\'t something that i immediately thought would have a place in my spodding kit, in fact, i passed it off as a gimmick. Recently i gave it some more thought and realised it had a couple of advantages over a standard spod which would be of benefit to my fishing and my wallet. The first advantage is that the bait releases instantly on contact with the water so there is no need to wait for it to deposit the bait, this i figured would practically half my time spent spodding. With my baiting schedule seeing me at the lake once a week - sometimes twice to bait up even when im not fishing this would be a godsend, as i usually wait 30 seconds per spod for the bait to realease, multiply this by 25-30 spods (summertime) and its time well saved. The second advantage being the design being such that there is no spod spill at all; now im not one for plugging my spod as all this is hassle i could do without, so each bucket of particle is mixed with just enough groundbait to stodge it up enough to prevent it flying out the back of the spod. Adding this groundbait obviously costs money and as for its attractiveness as a food source im not convinced im that better off for having it in the mix. I figured the spomb would pay for itself in a matter of months. So, this morning i spent 13 pounds of hard cash and this afternoon i was at the lake to give it a trial run. The first issue i noticed is that you cant really load it with one hand which is a bit of a downer as it means laying the rod down, i soon got into a rhythm though and found using my scoop to load it easy enough, was a bit worried it wouldn\'t stay shut as some particle was visible through the side when it was shut but this wasn\'t an issue. First few casts and i must say that i was very impressed as it flies as straight as a die from the instant it leaves the rod tip so the gimmicky design is obviously for practical reasons. Also i find that the design when open means it kind of skits across the top of the water on the retrieve and comes in easier than standard spods which sometimes catch the water. Had a cast where the spomb failed to open so was left reeling in a rocket loaded with bait and now water which wasn\'t great and on another occasion had a it open as i cast so i hope these are eventualities that will decrease with use, maybe i didnt shut the lid properly and as for not opening maybe there was bait in the mechanism. Overall i am impressed and glad i bought it, only time will tell how long the mechanism lasts. One other point however is that i did feel a bit of a numpty walking to the car, spod rod and bucket in hands with what can only be described as a world war 2 bomb hanging from the top.
The MasterBlaster - 19/12/2011
Spodding is a chore that few of us enjoy, it can be back breaking messy work and one messed up cast can send every carp in the vicinity scurrying for the hills as your spod sends up a great gout of water as it slams into the surface. Imagine if I told you that there was another way a way in which spodding can suddenly become easier, mess messy and a hell of a lot less back breaking? Well there is such a way.. enter the SPOMB What is it ? well unlike a traditional spod, the design of which has not changed for several years it is not just a rocket shaped design with an open back but a fully enclosed bait delivery capsule. This has several massive advantages, You don\'t need to have groundbait / mud handy to pack the back of the spod You can bait up with pure hemp / small particle with out having to clean it off your back / head it flies like an arrow It retrieves over the surface skipping like a coot The last point is what steals it for me, my biggest bug bear with spodding is the retrieve. No matter which spod you use it is like you are trying to pull ( in effect) a small parachute back through the water towards you. This is what really wears me down and is one of the reasons I was considering buying a bait boat. However with the spomb this is now a thing of the past. Lets see how it works : 1st you need to load it, to do this press the red button on the front till the 2 halves pop open and load up with your chosen bait. The only thing you have to remember is not to load the front compartment ( the part with the opening mechanism ) as if you dont it wont open up. Note here I am loading up with pigeon conditioner normally something that is very difficult to spod out due to its size. once you have it loaded snap the 2 halves together and prepare to send it skywards. Note that on 1st glance it spears that it is smaller than an average spod, I took the largest Korda and Fox spods and filled the spomb from each and there is room for more bait this thing really can get a lot of bait into the swim fast. The next part is just like a normal spod, except you have not had to pack the back of it with ground bait to stop annoying spod spill. I suggest a 5lb test curve spod rod as this thing is really heavy when you have it fully loaded far more than a Fox TB1 spod for example. I used my standard 20lb bread straight through on a Fox warrior 5.5lb TC spod rod and a Diawa Emblem Spod reel and had no issues at all however if I was going for massive distance I would be tempted to go for a 50lb arma cord leader or similar to stop any accidents. Of course as with any spodding / braid work a finger stall is essential other wise you will be going to casualty with one finger missing. I noticed immediately that this thing flies like a missile seemingly unaffected by wind and I had to tone down the amount of power I normally put in to a cast and none of the corkscrewing that can occur with normal spods. Once the spomb hits the water you can retrieve instantly, there is no waiting around like with a normal spod. Once it hits the water it opens and dumps the load instantly. It doesnt matter if some of the pellets float, they will leave the spomb you will note that the spomb is skipping back over the water ( click for a higher rez pic) and it comes in completely evenly with a nice even tension on the line. The fact that you dont need to wait for the Spomb to empty is really one of the massive advantages, I managed to spod out 3kgs of prepared pidgeon conditioner in about 20 mins something that would have taken me far far longer with a traditional spod. I also remained relatively un pepered by spod spill, a massive advantage. Conclusion Everyone I spoke to said one thing after seeing it in action Where can I get one? and how much are they? it is the kind of invention that makes you think why has no one thought of this before ? I love it, you will too. Yes it is not as bomb proof as a normal spod so if you regularly cast onto the other bank or hit rocks / trees then perhaps you need to pack a conventional spod for these occasions but for the rest of us, the spomb makes spodding easy and removes the back breaking effort. Definitely my product of the year so far !

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